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Oval black ball

Product description
1. The functional material graphite or carbon black is added during polymer synthesis by suspension polymerization process, so that the polystyrene polymer has functional characteristics
2. Reduce the thermal conductivity of polystyrene insulation board, improve the heat insulation and sound insulation performance of the material
3. Has excellent antistatic performance
4. Suitable for products with high density (above 18KG / M3)
5, the product color is uniform and stable
6. Products can reach B1 level
1. Avoid direct sunlight and keep away from fire sources;
2. The storage temperature should be lower than 25 degrees;
3. Do not use in lower density products;
4. The curing time after foaming is usually 4--16 hours (short in summer and long in winter);
5. The determination of molding pressure parameters should be adjusted in a timely manner according to the appearance and internal bonding properties of the product
6. Products should not be placed in sunlight
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