Tianjin Justime Chemical Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Justime Chemical Co., Ltd. is a modern chemical company specialising in the production of Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) and polystyrene resins. The company was established in November 2007, and the first phase of EPS plant with an annual output of 120,000 tons was completed and put into operation in September 2009. The company has successively won the titles of Tianjin Enterprise Technology Center, Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Tianjin Science and Technology Little Giant Leading Enterprise, Tianjin Specialized Special New Enterprise, Specialized Special New Small Giant Enterprise, Tianjin Green Factory.

2007 +

· The company was founded in 2007

2020 +

· National High-Tech Enterprise by 2020

2023 +

· National Specialized and New Small Giant Enterprises in 2023

2023 +

· Acquisition of energy management system certification in 2023

Main products: extralight grade P material, fast grade B material, standard grade E material, flame retardant grade F material, high foaming flame retardant grade FB material, flame retardant grade FS material, high strength flame retardant grade FSH material, non-HBCD flame retardant grade FHE material, non-HBCD graphite polystyrene FGH material (suspension method), graphite polystyrene FGE material (suspension method), low thermal conductivity carbon polystyrene FGE material (suspension method), black polystyrene FGE material (suspension method), antistatic grade, superconducting electrostatic grade, ultra-low thermal conductivity grade, color grade, extruded graphite polystyrene and other products. In 2015, the world's advanced graphite polystyrene production equipment-twin screw extruder was imported from Europe, which is an innovative pioneer in the development of passive housing industry in the industry.