On October 5, Detroit time, the US delegation of China EPS future development arrived in the world Motor City - Detroit

On October 5, Detroit time, the Chinese EPS future development of the United States delegation arrived in the world Motor City - Detroit, first visited the automobile museum - Ford Museum of Innovation, the founder Henry Ford began to collect from 1906, 1929 established Ford Museum of innovation, the museum has across the United States 300 years of history of records and exhibits, Exhibits include: antique machinery, pop culture items, cars, locomotives, aircraft, etc., to understand the life of a car, from being produced, on the road, to being collected, a deep understanding of the precious history of American industrial development and social progress, and to demonstrate and inherit the scientific and technological innovation and cultural essence that once promoted the progress of human civilization. Then visit the world famous automobile company - Ford Motor factory, Ford Motor to promote the rapid development of the American automobile industry giant, but also the pioneer of the second industrial revolution, through the investigation to see the world's advanced production technology, modern enterprise innovation and development concept.