Mr. Han Zhicai, General manager of Tianjin Jiatai, presents a banner and a thank-you letter to Dalian Commodity Exchange

On September 6, 2023, the general manager of Tianjin Jiatai Han Zhicai and the general manager of Liaoning Litian Wang Kai, as the representative of the enterprise, sent a banner and a letter of thanks to Dalian Commodity Exchange, thanking the leaders of Dalian Exchange for attaching importance to the questions raised by the industrial chain and responding in the first time. Mind the rational price of the entity, help the industrial market justice ” . After the visit, there was a discussion and exchange, and Han and Wang, on behalf of the joint enterprises, thanked DCOM for its attention to the voice of the industrial chain, and hoped that the exchange could carry out more promotion work, so that the industrial chain enterprises could know more about futures and better use futures tools.