Shengshi logistics visit

On August 24, the rotating president of Tianjin Binhai New Area Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Association Han Zhicai, Executive Vice president and Secretary General Xue Ding, Executive Vice President Tian Jing Quan, Vice President Zhao Fusheng, deputy Secretary General Zhang Zelin, secretariat director Xiao Quan, member unit Jiangnan Billion Engineering Company manager Liu Jie visited Shengshi Logistics (Tianjin) Co., LTD. Executive deputy General manager Li Zhongjiang warmly received.

Mr. Li welcomed the visit of the leaders of the association and introduced the situation of the enterprise. Shengshi Logistics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise in Hong Kong, specializing in container storage and transportation, container repair, container washing and import and export cargo unpacking and other businesses, with rich experience in yard operation. It is important that the operating funds of the enterprise are their own, and have the ability to advance the early working capital for customers, which has great advantages in the industry, and I hope to strengthen cooperation with member enterprises.

Vice President Zhao Fusheng, who has been deeply engaged in the logistics industry for decades, said that on the basis of the original cooperation, there will be deeper cooperation with Li's business, and this visit is also to lay the foundation for the logistics committee to gather more industry elites and establish the warehousing logistics committee as soon as possible.

Rotating President Han Zhicai, Executive Vice President and Secretary General Xue Ding and Executive Vice President Taai Quan all made suggestions and agreed. This visit is conducive to strengthening the exchanges and cooperation between various industries, and it is also the service purpose of the association to serve enterprises and do practical things, so that more member enterprises can understand each other to achieve a win-win goal.